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Expand integration securely in the cloud

Yes, you can build integration yourself in Corepoint and enjoy all the benefits of AWS cloud.

Accelerate interoperability

Enjoy intuitive, low-code to no-code interface building in Corepoint. Achieve your interoperability goals faster and get health data into the right hands at the right time.

Stay secure and resilient

Lyniate experts track and implement cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection best practices, protecting your infrastructure within the trusted AWS cloud.

Begin the future now

Corepoint is purpose-built for healthcare and future-proofed, with out-of-the-box web services to build APIs. Transform any standard to FHIR or FHIR to any standard.

Security and reliability on AWS 

Customers benefit from Lyniate’s decades of building and maintaining interface applications, paired with cloud computing from AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, with over a million global customers.

1. System resiliency

Lyniate delivers automated failovers and the ability to leverage automated backups in the event of a disaster.

2. Scalability 

Lyniate monitors CPU/RAM/disk utilization and can scale up your solution within minutes. 

3. Security

Lyniate embeds the most stringent security best practices into our design, build, and operations of our products and services, including configuration based on the CIS Benchmark Security recommendations, 24/7 Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), data encryption at rest and in transit, and security testing and audits by external cybersecurity experts to comply with best practice cybersecurity standards. 

Simplify integration with the top-ranked KLAS® engine 

Easy-to-use, graphical UI makes it simple to build interfaces, see how data flows, and test as you go. Enjoy building interoperability with the top-ranked integration engine from KLAS since 2009 that offers flexible deployment options.

Explore more benefits of Corepoint

FHIR API gateway 

With out-of-the-box seamless integration with Corepoint, Rapid serves as a gateway to provide a single API entry point to control and secure traffic. Healthcare organizations enable secure and efficient management of APIs with an API gateway built for healthcare and use of FHIR. Rapid provides native FHIR integration and FHIR handling backed by a best-in-breed FHIR server.

Read about the Lyniate Rapid API Gateway

Start building your solutions today

Connect with one of our interoperability specialists to learn how Lyniate can help you deliver better healthcare.