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Design flexible solutions to every connection need

Support the highest level of service with Lyniate Rhapsody by ensuring that healthcare data is flowing where, when, and how your unique environment demands.

Get flexibility

Streamline workflows with a solution that is infinitely configurable and purpose-built for healthcare.

Deploy globally

Create intricate integrations with a robust toolkit that has been proven across the world. The platform is represented globally with customers in 36 countries.

Have coding options

Develop cutting-edge FHIR-based interfaces simply and easily with REST and FHIR-specific JSON support.

Make basic integration simple and complex interoperability possible.

  1. Security you can count on

    Security is of primary concern, and is built into every part of the product, with a view to safeguarding any protected health information (PHI) that passes through the engine.

  2. Transparency you need

    Reduce time spent on day-to-day monitoring and management with system status and state of processing views.

  3. Leverage visual configuration options

    Rapidly create and edit configurations with Rhapsody Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a graphical drag-and-drop environment.

  4. Resolve with proactive notifications

    Resolve issues quickly with the Management Console’s configurable alerts before the problem becomes critical.

Lyniate Rhapsody

Rhapsody 6.8

Rhapsody 6.8. focuses on improving a user’s experience when developing configuration. With the move of a number of component managers to the workspace tree, the number of workflow interrupting modal windows have been reduced. Shared JavaScript Libraries are not only in the workspace tree, but individual functions now open in tabs. Shared JavaScript Library function testing has also been introduced, allowing the direct testing of functions. New user groups can now also be created via a copy/paste function, saving users the effort of setting up lots of access rights.

Improved management for Rhapsody components

In Rhapsody 6.8, Rhapsody components such as message tracking schemes, lookup tables and Shared JavaScript Library functions are now managed within the Workspace tree. Users now have a smoother and simpler experience with fewer work-flow interrupting modal windows.

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Shared JavaScript Library testing

In Rhapsody 6.8, functions written in the Shared JavaScript Library can now be tested alongside where they are written, rather than indirectly in a JavaScript filter.

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Ability to copy-paste user groups in the User Manager

Users can now copy paste a User Group in the User Manager. This means that creating a user group with similar access rights to an existing group is now much easier than before. Rather than making a new group and individually filling out the relevant access rights, an existing group can be copied as a template for the new group.

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Security Updates

In Rhapsody 6.8, we continue to update third party libraries and deprecate less secure protocols.

Case study

CliniSys Group

With Lyniate Rhapsody, CliniSys customers have reliably, securely and easily reported COVID testing and case data across the UK.

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Public Health

Collect and exchange data for disease detection, control and prevention.

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Do more in the most efficient, high quality way in your complex environment.

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Deliver test results reliably and efficiently to any EHR quickly and affordably.

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Government institutions

Normalize and exchange data across institutions.

Customer-proven results

Customers explain how Lyniate Rhapsody enables integration in a scalable, user-friendly environment.

“As well as being economical and supporting the rapid deployment that we needed, Lyniate Rhapsody has the level of security and disaster recovery we needed built in. This met our needs without us having to invest in local infrastructure, on-premise resources, and did not slow us down.”

Darren Powell

Director of IT Integration, University of Louisville Hospital

“Often for IT implementation projects, I am asked to intervene many times to address problems, but in the eGate Rhapsody migration project, the team was autonomous. A quiet project is a good project.”

Dr. Ralf Gieseke

Deputy CIO, ITSG / UKSH, University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein

“Now, whenever a Phoenix Children’s clinician needs insight into a specific patient encounter, no matter what year it happened, I can run a query through the data warehouse and other routes via Lyniate Rhapsody and bring real intelligence to their decision-making process. This means a profoundly improved level of care for patients.”

Kevin Allen

Senior Integration Analyst, Phoenix Children’s

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