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Derive value from your solutions faster

From strategy and implementation to ongoing adoption and support—our team offers end-to-end integration services to help you meet your goals.

Dial in on your goals

Bring us in to spot your challenges and create a plan for overcoming them.

Start from a solid base

Build with confidence using our infrastructure and architecture planning services.

Plan for the unexpected

Keep interfaces online with high availability and disaster recovery.

Your goals, your timeline, our expertise

  1. Integration projects

    Plan an effective strategy for integration engine conversions that works with your specific data types, protocols, and messages.

  2. System upgrades and migrations

    Get help analyzing your current workflows, processes, and identifying data requirements for successful upgrades and migrations.

  3. Staffing transitions and augmentation

    Cover short-duration staffing shortages or augment your integration team over the long haul with 24/7 engine monitoring and assistance.

  4. Training and documentation

    Stay current with the latest in interoperability with ongoing training and documentation resources developed by our experts.

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From EMR migrations to staff augmentation, our Professional Services team can help you get the job done—and teach your team how to do it.

Ambulatory clinics

Use our Professional Services to streamline workflows among your internal systems, and with referring providers, labs, and health plans.

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We can help you create workflows that combine patient, clinical, and image data into a consolidated view that enhances the radiologist’s read process and improves productivity.

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Health plans

Let us help you create workflows that can help you identify gaps in care and improve member experience.

Customer-proven results

See how Lyniate customers have used Lyniate Professional Services to streamline workflows.

“The Rhapsody certified professionals do the monitoring and development work so we don’t have to recruit and train additional staff, which takes years. Setting up alerts — anybody can do that, but being able to configure them in a way that’s robust and efficient is like the difference between a normal driver and a racing car driver.”

Mustansar Hussain

Senior Systems Architect for Royal Berkshire, NHS Royal Berkshire

“Lyniate has enabled us to create a unique application that emails negative COVID-19 results to patients more quickly, which has minimized the stress and anxiety associated with the wait for results.”

Andrew Nemivirovsky

R.N., Nova Scotia Health Authority

“For everything to line up as well as it did was shocking. Over the holidays. Short notice. It was a huge lift by everyone, and Lyniate definitely played a large role in that.”

Kyle Mertens

Experity, formerly DocuTap

Guide to system upgrades and engine migrations

How to reinvent interoperability

Seize The Day! Learn why now is the time to put the brakes on business as usual, and how to assess a change of partner and platform.

Level up with Lyniate training

Learn how to optimize your Lyniate interfaces, processes, workflows, and environment.

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Connect with one of our interoperability specialists to learn how Lyniate can help you deliver better healthcare.