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Simplify integration with the top-ranked KLAS® engine

Develop, schedule, and go live with interfaces confidently using a test-as-you-develop approach, reusable actions, and alerting and monitoring capabilities from the top-ranked integration engine in KLAS since 2009.

Speed to value

Whether you’re performing system migrations, upgrades, or platform conversions, Corepoint allows you to maintain data integrity and interoperability with internal and external data-trading partners.

Ease of use

Ease-of-use means deploying data integration fast and cost-effectively, performing unit tests along the way.

Unmatched support

A direct line of access to on-going, knowledgeable support from a company with a customer-first culture.

Proven people and technology that have been making healthcare interoperability happen for decades.

  1. Monitoring and alerting

    Quickly troubleshoot data-flow challenges, before they disrupt workflow and operations, with tailored alerts and monitors for customized user profiles.

  2. Scalability and support

    Scale to meet your growing throughput, configuration and operational data demands using proven Microsoft technologies with unique Connection Central views.

  3. Audit logging and message tracking for security

    Protect your organization from cybersecurity threats with insight into the lineage of each message to meet Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) security requirements.

University of California Irvine Medical Center

Using Lyniate Corepoint to Automate Alerts

UCI’s team used Corepoint to create an automated system that made the whole team more effective when it was overrun by alerts that needed attention.

image of University of California Irvine Medical Center

Native High Availability

The Corepoint Assured Availability solution provides a failover mechanism to a backup server that allows normal operations to continue without interruption, including: message persistency, interface connectivity, automated monitoring of input/output status, network monitoring, and integration with scheduled alerts.

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Extend movement capabilities, scheduling of jobs, alerting, monitoring, and modifying file contents with Corepoint MFT. Corepoint MFT leverages Corepoint Health’s workflow expertise to provide adaptable managed file transfer solutions and the flexibility to deal with various workflows.

Audit Logging

Audit Logging provides insights on protected health information (PHI), including messages that were viewed, modified, and/or copied. Log Search provides the ability to view the history of every health message transmitted in the IT environment. Users can perform detailed searches across all connections for defined message types. At the click of a button, users can see the lineage of the message, tracing the message back to its origination.

Message Tracking

Trace a message’s history in the engine with a Google-style search and optimize data flow by pinpointing purged or abandoned messages.

Customer-proven results

Ensuring customers are successful is our highest priority.

“We’ve used Lyniate Corepoint heavily during the pandemic to support the communication between our lab and registration systems. Lyniate has enabled us to create a unique application that emails negative COVID-19 results to patients more quickly, which has minimized the stress and anxiety associated with the wait for results. We’re seeing higher testing volume, and Lyniate has been incredibly reliable during this time.”

Andrew Nemivirovsky

R.N. Nova Scotia Health Senior Director, Information Management and Technology and Chief Information Officer Nova Scotia Health Authority

“When you have a mature product, you can focus on the issue, not the technology. If tomorrow we bring on another lab or pharmacy, I can use Lyniate Corepoint to connect to a different protocol. With Lyniate, we can focus on delivering the best solution and not worry about the tool.”

Cesar Ruiz

Director, Integrations and BI CDR Maguire Health & Medical

“We went from red to being green in two weeks because of what you can actually program in Lyniate Corepoint. We can build interfaces very quickly and we do not need developers to do it.”

Michelle Brown

Epic Data Integration Director, Providence

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