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Rhapsody Releases First Update to Flagship Interoperability Platform

February 10, 2020

Rhapsody, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced the release of Rhapsody 6.5 – an enhanced and expanded update to the company’s flagship product. This signifies the company’s first product release not only since its divestiture from Orion Health in October 2018, but also since completing its merger with Corepoint Health earlier this month.

Rhapsody 6.5 builds on the industry’s most versatile and intelligent integration platform, enhancing customers’ ability to achieve rapid and scalable interoperability despite the complexities of the healthcare information ecosystem. This update specifically emphasizes closer collaboration with the Rhapsody development team, enhanced user experience, improved interfaces and expanded integrations. 

Rhapsody’s comprehensive interoperability tool brings together disparate technology systems through seamless data integration both on-premises and in the cloud. The improved 6.5 version not only delivers the same powerful features as before, but it now functions in a way that supports closer collaboration between customers and their Rhapsody account teams, allowing them to work together to address specific interoperability challenges. Some of the enhancements featured in Rhapsody 6.5 include: 

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Update: The IDE in Rhapsody 6.5 has been enhanced to better support Windows high-dpi scaling.
  • Advanced Routing: This feature extends message routing capabilities introduced in Rhapsody 6.4, including support for store-and-forward and deposit-and-notify workflows. 6.5 completes Advanced Routing by introducing Continued Routing on Failure which helps automate error handling.
  • Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making Tools: Rhapsody 6.5 introduces the ability to gather product usage data to better understand customer behavior, which will influence Rhapsody on decisions like product prioritization, improvements, documentation and training.
  • Filter testing APIs: APIs for test execution and monitoring enable users to incorporate filter testing into a continuous integration workflow.
  • DICOM Update: The platform’s DICOM capability has been enhanced by the introduction of 64-bit filters to convert between DICOM and XML formats and to extract images from DICOM messages.

“The release of Rhapsody 6.5 marks a significant shift in the way we intend to work with our customers moving forward,” said Erkan Akyuz, President and CEO, Rhapsody. “We are listening to our customers and partners now more than ever, and this product update demonstrates our commitment to building more powerful connections between Rhapsody and its customers so we can better anticipate and meet their needs.”

Rhapsody 6.5 is currently available to all Rhapsody customers. To learn more about this product update and its benefits, click here.

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