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Corepoint Health Finds Success at 2015 IHE Connectathon

February 25, 2015

We are proud to announce that Corepoint Integration Engine successfully completed testing in 17 IHE profiles in Cleveland at the annual IHE North American Connectathon.

Monica Osegueda, Ben Levy, and Christopher Stehno were chosen to represent Corepoint Health at the event, which was held at the new Cleveland Convention Center and HIMSS Innovation Center.

The Connectathon attracts more than 500 health IT professionals each year who are there to represent various health IT vendors who often compete for customers outside of the event. In this collaborative environment, each vendor attempts to pass tests of various IHE profiles that users of their product are likely to utilize in real world data exchange scenarios.

During the event, the Corepoint team successfully exchanged data with 33 different vendors.

One notable new test for 2015 is the Healthcare Provider Directory (HDP) Consumer criteria. The HDP testing involves securely accessing a provider directory from the connected community, which is extremely helpful for customers who need to send summary of care documents, lab results, or other pertinent data to an external provider.

The following graphic highlights the key profiles Monica, Ben, and Christopher passed at the Connectathon using Corepoint Integration Engine. This is the sixth-straight year Corepoint Health has participated in the event and successfully passed each profile tested.

according to christopher, he is beginning to see ihe profiles in use by hospitals and clinics as they begin to advance through the stages meaningful use:

“even though i have participated in connectathon for 3 years now, 2014 seemed to be the year where ihe profiles started to gain momentum in the real world with multiple projects leveraging profiles that we had perfected at connectathon.

“we’re seeing a lot of activity with the xds profile in the context of ‘patient portal.’ portal developers such as relay health and mobilemd are looking to receive cda documents from the providers to populate the portals. we’ve also had at least one major implementation that is using a hl7 v3 pix query.

“the move of the event from chicago to cleveland this year – while a step back for pizza aficionados such as myself  definitely makes for a more pleasant testing experience with high ceilings and natural light throughout the session.

“as always, everyone is there to work hard and help everyone get their stuff passed. i never feel the tension of marketplace competition or the threat of corporate espionage while i’m there.”

the connectathon is a fantastic event that corepoint health is proud to support and participate in each year.

you can watch ben in this youtube video talking about day one of the connectathon:

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