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Grow and meet the evolving demands of any modern healthcare organization

Increase the efficiency and flexibility of your team so that they can focus on meeting business requirements, instead of supporting infrastructure, upgrades, and maintenance.

Reduce hurdles

Hosting integrations in your own data center takes a lot of expense, time and effort. With Lyniate RaaS, your team can focus on other priorities.

Scale effortlessly

Remove technical obstacles to growth with excellent availability that supports onboarding new workflows, systems, and customers.

Increase security

Hosted on AWS, RaaS improves data protection through increased security, disaster recovery, and redundancy.

Harness the flexibility of cloud infrastructure

  1. Cloud delivers compelling benefits

    Ensure your data is accessible by storing data at redundant offsite locations in case of any onsite disruption. Migrating from on-premises servers to cloud-based services has numerous benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, risk reduction, increased security, faster deployment, agile development, elasticity, and increased scalability.

  2. Support, monitoring & maintenance

    Confidently leave the support and monitoring to our team of SaaS specialists so that any unexpected issues are quickly resolved. RaaS provides the latest version of software and configuration, allowing users to automatically and continually upgrade to the latest version.

  3. Scalability

    Add new instances or increase bandwidth with very short notice. RaaS supports scaling storage capacity, computing power, features, and support. There is no software that needs to be quickly provisioned, no staff that need to be urgently trained, and no servers to decommission. Flexibility is essential if organizations are to grow and adapt to meet the fast-moving landscape of healthcare demands. The flexibility that RaaS provides can translate into cost savings and capital expenditure reallocation.

University of Louisville

Starting from scratch

Learn how the University of Louisville Health quickly implemented an entirely new integration engine instance to create the integration infrastructure needed to support a large hospital, after a divestiture.

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Deliver flexible interoperability solutions for sophisticated organizations with hosted infrastructure.

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Health Tech Providers

Scale quickly with new customers or as customers grow.

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Integrate with referring providers no matter how far away or how rural they are.

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Health plans

Expedite clinical data onboarding and integration.

Start building your solutions today

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