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Focus your team’s talent on what you do best

With Envoy, connect data from any source to any destination in any format. Built, monitored, managed, and maintained – on your behalf – by experts in healthcare interoperability. Envoy lets you future proof your integration strategy.

Remove integration as a road block

Envoy’s any-to-any EHR integration is proven to connect with market-leading EHRs including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Greenway, and more.

Scale as you grow, with security

Built on AWS, Envoy is designed to scale effortlessly. And the future is never in doubt. You even have the option to migrate to self-service at any time.

Be prepared for the new normal

Support workflows in and around the EHR, grow internationally, acquire an organization. Whatever your new normal looks like, our team has your back.

Lyniate is your partner for any interoperability challenge the future brings.

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  1. Cloud hosted and fully managed

    Lyniate Envoy runs securely on AWS and delivers the global scale, elasticity, and resiliency that growing technical teams require. We monitor on your behalf.

  2. Secure

    Each customer is managed on a dedicated instance, backed by high availability, proven technology, and high security standards.

  3. Simplified data exchange and network connectors

    Normalization of EHR data structures into a consistent data model and a dedicated instance per customer, with high availability infrastructure.

  4. Concierge project management

    We manage integration timelines, execute on the details, and track deliverables; you focus on your customers.

How Envoy Works:


“All that magic behind the scenes – Lyniate makes it happen.”

BioIntelliSense accelerated and scaled deployments for providers and health plans with Lyniate Envoy’s integration expertise.

FHIR Basics

This class is available to anyone interested in learning about the HL7 FHIR messaging standard.

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