Webinar: Rolling out now… Lyniate Corepoint as a service

Learn more about how you can modernize your infrastructure with the new cloud-deployed Lyniate Corepoint as a service solution—and what it takes to migrate your integrations to the cloud.

Access the on-demand webinar to learn how you can build on your cloud migration strategy and modernize your infrastructure with Lyniate Corepoint as a service. Leaders from the Lyniate product and services teams share how Corepoint as a service helps you achieve system resiliency, security, and speed with the same easy-to-use, best in KLAS® integration engine that you know and love – deployed on AWS with Lyniate experts managing the infrastructure.

We cover: 

  • An introduction to the Lyniate Corepoint cloud offering
  • How the Lyniate team keeps Corepoint as a service up-to-date, available, and secure
  • What it takes to migrate integrations from on-prem to an ‘as a service’ offering

Meet the speakers:

Jim Sdoia, vice president of product management, Lyniate

Jim leads the Lyniate product management organization, focusing on product strategy and determining what products to build. Jim entered healthcare IT 9 years ago. His experiences include building and scaling interoperability solutions and healthcare networks, as well as delivering clinical and financial workflows involving computer provider order entry (CPOE), medication management, lab, and imaging.  

Travis Good, director of strategic services, Lyniate 

Travis is responsible for launching and leading strategic services at Lyniate. His focuses include solving common roadblocks for customers, defining and executing the strategy behind migrating customers to the Lyniate cloud, and optimizing the customer onboarding process. Travis has over 20 years experience spanning breadth of sectors and technologies with expertise in delivering significant outcomes predominantly through transformative leadership style and proactive, customer-centric focus.

Shelley Wehmeyer, director of product marketing, Lyniate 

Shelley dedicates her career to simplifying the complexities of health and social care delivery around the world with technology. Whether in the context of navigating the requirements of a new market, launching a new product, or enabling client-facing teams and clients on product strategy, the most rewarding part of Shelley’s experience is the ability to bring together cross-functional, cross-organizational teams to a common goal—doing what is best for the patient and the clinician.

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