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Radiology practice achieves faster diagnoses, better time-to-revenue with Lyniate Corepoint 

See how SimonMed Imaging uses Lyniate Corepoint to provide earlier, more accurate diagnoses while identifying records that are missing crucial billing details. 

SimonMed Imaging processes more than 10,000 radiology orders per day. These requests come through 1,300 EMRs, not to mention via faxes that must be converted to EMR records. Each Radiology Information System (RIS) uses unique formats and fields — creating an extraordinarily complex data-sharing challenge. 

Meanwhile, up to 20% of all records lack critical billing information, which can delay payment. 

In this case study, learn how SimonMed uses Corepoint to: 

  • Onboard new EMRs in minutes, rather than weeks 
  • Achieve seamless HL7 integration 
  • Aggregate data to improve efficiency and patient care 
  • Power several of SimonMed’s custom apps to streamline billing 

Learn why SimonMed’s CIO has trusted Lyniate Corepoint for more than 15 years. 

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