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What is Corepoint Health Doing to Support FHIR?

January 21, 2020

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What is Corepoint doing to support FHIR? And how critical is it that engine vendors, such as Corepoint, support the creation of the specification?

Answer from HL7 FHIR Governance Board Co-Chair and Corepoint Health CTO Dave Shaver:

Great question. Corepoint Health is trying to provide education, be it at trade shows, or webinars like this that are a little more accessible. We’re constantly involved in the community of HL7. I personally serve as the co-chair of the FHIR governance board. I’m one of the longstanding members of the FHIR community.

We’re very supportive in trying to get a better way to exchange information in health care, and I think that’s pretty critical. It’s one thing to add enough functionality to your engine to support FHIR, it’s another to really be involved in the creation of FHIR.

Our version 6.1 release of Corepoint Integration Engine, which is coming out later summer, will include support for REST-based web services and the ability to exchange using FHIR. So if you’re Corepoint customer, you’ll see those exciting updates this summer.

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