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FHIR®: 3 Real-World Scenarios

May 20, 2021

FHIR®: 3 Real-World Scenarios  

Thank you for accessing the FHIR: 3 Real-World Scenarios webinar. The webinar was originally recorded May 20, 2020. 

Webinar Slides

We reference several tools and resources throughout the recording, including:  

ONC and CMS Rules: What They Mean for Your Business (Webinar) 

ONC and CMS Rules: How’d We Get Here (Video) 

How Can I Start Using FHIR in My Environment? ( 

The SANER Project ( 

The DaVinci Project ( 

The Argonaut Project ( 

IHE FHIR Profiles (IHE) and What the Heck Is a Connectathon? 

HL7 Implementation Guides ( 

Where Can I Learn More about Prior Authorization Support? ( 

DaVinci Project Aims to Boost Payer, Provider Interoperability (Lyniate Knowledge Hub) 

Where Can I Learn More About Payer Coverage Decision Support Exchange? ( 

Where Can I Learn More About Medical Reconciliation? ( 

Pulse8 Case Study (Lyniate Knowledge Hub) 

COVID Response Related Material 

Other Helpful Tools and Materials 

Web Services Resources 

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