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Dave Shaver on FHIR at HIMSS16

March 9, 2016

Sorry for the lame pun, but it was too tempting to pass up.

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We had a great time last week in Las Vegas at HIMSS16. One noticeable change for 2016 was that HL7 FHIR was all over the exhibit hall, whereas in 2015 we were the only vendor talking about how the new standard can bring some needed changes to health IT. While that’s great news for the industry overall, all that competition – including the nearby HL7 International booth (click the link to view their FHIR selfie station) – may be the cause for slightly smaller crowds at our daily FHIR education sessions.

In terms of reach, CTO Dave Shaver cast the FHIR message to a much larger audience via some favorable news coverage from our friends at and Dr. Charles Webster with his now-famous “HIMSS Hat Cam.” reporter Leonard Kish provided this live interview with Dave at our booth:



Our friend Charles live streamed one of Dave’s FHIR whiteboard sessions via Periscope, which received more than 300 “hearts” (a good thing) during its broadcast. You can view the full FHIR presentation here:

The good news for the rest of us is that both of these videos will continue to help spread the FHIR story as well as share how Corepoint Health is in prime position to help our customers reap the benefits of this exciting industry change.

For those of you new to FHIR and want to learn more, feel free to download our FHIR primer or contact us for more information.

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