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Current State of FHIR

September 9, 2016

FHIR timeline

The first draft of HL7 FHIR was completed in 2012. Since then, three trial use standards have been made available with the goal of having the first normative edition available in 2017. Many vendors have been developing and testing applications based on the second and third trial standards in hopes of being able to quickly deliver solutions to the market once the first normative edition is available. Part of the testing involved with the FHIR standard involves the FHIR Connectathon testing, which brings vendors together at HL7 working group meetings to test with each other what they have been working on. These connectathons have been taking place three times a year since September 2012.

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FHIR timeline

Normative Edition: Ready for general availability and use.

Draft Standard for Trial Use: Still in test. Synonymous to a beta version.

Standard for Trial Use: Same as Draft Standard for Trial Use. HL7 changed their naming convention to drop “Draft”.

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