Erin Metzger

Building Connections Through the Lyniate Partner Program

August 3, 2022

Have you heard?  Lyniate has a Partner Program, and it’s important you know about it and how you can benefit from it. 

Whether you’re in the healthcare provider, payer, HCIT, diagnostic imaging, lab, or public health space, it’s likely Lyniate and our partners can meet you where you are while providing best-in-industry solutions to solve your biggest interoperability challenges. 

How we’re better together  

Over the last few years, Lyniate has built our Partner Program by intentionally curating a network of like-minded health IT vendors in the interoperability space with the goal of expanding the Interoperability Suite of solutions we provide — whether that’s through Lyniate or one of our trusted referral partners. 

Interoperability is complex and challenging. No single vendor can solve all the challenges it presents, but as we strive to be your strategic interoperability advisor, our partners are ready to step in. 

Our strong partner network allows us to connect you with trusted, best-in-industry, interoperability experts across the globe whose solutions complement ours and empower you to address and solve your biggest interoperability challenges.  

The wide range of interoperability solutions our partners offer enhances the Lyniate Interoperability Suite and includes:  

  • Identity management 
  • Clinical terminology services 
  • Interoperability consulting services 
  • FHIR education and training 
  • Direct messaging 
  • ADT notifications 
  • Security monitoring and cybersecurity auditing 
  • Data curation as a service 
  • Implementation services 
  • Digital capture and indexing of unstructured data into medical records.  

Learn more about our partners 

Looking to learn more about our partners and their solutions? Good news. You have many options. 

  • Access a comprehensive list of our partners and their solutions on the Lyniate Partner Page.  
  • Attending Connect 2022? Allow time to stop by and meet several of our solution partners in person.  
  • Reach out to your Lyniate sales director or account manager.  
  • Follow Lyniate on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for news on current partners, new partners, joint webinars, blogs, and other updates. 

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